Week 12: Bruxelles, ma belle

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And the new thing is a weekly ‘cap of everything internet that’s made an impression on me this week. Games, articles, music, videos, movies, TV, sports, and so much more miscellany. This is shared in the hopes that it interests you, and because sharing is caring.

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From Killscreen/Eveline
  • If I were a city, I’d be Brussels. Since I lived there from 2012 to 2013, I have been scrambling to get back as often as I can. Friends I love and admire and miss daily live there. My Belgian host mother works there; one of my host sisters studies there. Everyone is fine, even the everyones of my everyone are fine, but Tuesday was hard. I have no hashtag for it, but here’s something to read on it, si vous êtes francophone: Innocente Belgique?
  • To that effect: “I find it quite hard for the place that I’m physically in to make a dent on my mind, for some reason. It might actually be because I read so much that I’m already in other places, so it’s just a difficulty in even knowing where I am at any given time. The writing is never really about places—it’s about what we imagine about places.” Helen Oyeyemi, interviewed for Broadly/VICE. I have Boy, Snow, Bird on my bookshelf. Haven’t read it yet, but I’m already excited to pick up What Is Not Yours is Not Yours.
  • My older sister Sarah sent me this to cheer me up: self-loading laundry basket! D’aw.
  • A new game, developed by Pippin Barr, about how writing is laborious and writers are easily distracted and everything’s already been written. It’s called Eveline and for whatever reason, it creeped me out.
  • Jon Rafman’s collection of Google Street View photos is truly blowing my mind. The immediacy of the moment is powerful. I scrolled until somehow, miraculously, and rather quickly, I found one I recognized—the waterfront in Lisbon. Hat tip to The Awl’s newsletter Everything Changes for the recommendation.
  • And here’s a whole stack of Google Maps-based games to kill any time you aren’t already killing with other shit. Geoguessr is pretty clutch and has been my go-to form of educational procrastination this week.

netflix and fall asleep on the couch alone

  • I don’t know, guys, I really like Megan Fox on New Girl. I hope she comes back. Who was that actor Jess made out with? Was he on The OC? Or one of those other shows from the early 2000s I’ve never watched?
  • Caught up on Jane the Virgin. I, too, am a chronic people pleaser. That’s why there’s almost nothing on this site. The less you know about me, the less likely you are to not like me.
  • Recently, I realized I’d forgotten most of The Wiz, so I watched it again. I had a distinct memory of having loved it. Apparently I’d forgotten about the subway peddler. 


Not my photo. Refer to the watermark.
  • Amped about baseball season. Go Pirates/Mets.
  • Amped about the Penguins soul-crushing 7-2 over Detroit, though I didn’t get to watch the game. Good rebound from a pretty pathetic loss to the Devils.
  • Amped about Gent-Wevelgem (on this second) and the Flemish spring classics. I went to the Ronde van Vlaanderen in 2010, sat myself right on the Muur de Geraardsbergen and literally watched Tom Boonen’s career crumble into the pavé. (I am in the above photo waving a Belgian heart flag and wearing a Quickstep Belgian national champion jersey.) After breaking himself last year, my boy Cancellara is back and ready to attack. Hang onto your handlebars.



  • It was difficult to listen to anything that didn’t directly remind me of my Belgians. Peter Kernel is Swiss/Canadian. Rince-Doigt and Ulysse are brusseleir.